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Yaratıcı ekonomi, kültür ile teknolojiyi sinerjik biçimde birleştiren bir ekonomik büyüme modelidir. O yüzden kültürün bütün açılımlarını içerir.

Our Best


IEU+KREA works for adding value on city branding and commercial, cultural branding on CCIs.

Creative Economy

We work for economic power of CCIs and developing toolkits for creative and cultural economic value measurement.

Research & Application

We work to discover recent potencial of CCIs and adding value by sufficient applications in the research field.


We believe in collaboration in competitiveness which means eager to work for better.

Project Design

As a collaboration and internationalization tool, projects are must. So, project designing is another action we love to moderate.

Creative Entrepreneurship

IEU+KREA focuses on the gap between entrepreneurship and innovation in its’ researches. How to rise funding options in CCIs? This is another question we are working on.


We support national and international knowledge transfer in CCIs sector for better.

Strategy & Foresight

How to choose right strategy? What are the senarios CCIs sector stakeholders must consider?

News & Events