Technical Assistance for “CREATE IN IZMIR: Entrepreneurial Hub of Cultural and Creative Industries” Project

Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU Competitiveness and Innovation Sector Operational Programme (CISOP)

Owner: IEU+KREA, Partnered by IZKA,EGIAD,IZTAV

·         To work to ensure that the power of creativity with transformative, integrative, welfare and pleasure production is commemorated with İzmir

·         To contribute to the laughing of existing sectors for a strong stance in innovative economic transformation processes

·         To contribute to the brand value of İzmir as a city where creative ideas flourish and we find cooperative financial support.

·         To embrace the 8500-year power of the past with innovative approaches that shape the future

·         To develop and support creative industries and cultural activities in Turkey and in Izmir

·         To base a livable, human, nature and technology friendly Izmir

·         We aim to empower new products / services and applications for the creative industries

·         To blend and promote innovative products, services and processes resulting from the interaction of local creativity and cultural elements with external cultures