• Academics and Researchers

By sending your project ideas to our Center, we can ensure that they are recorded,
You can request project development support from our experts,
You can take part in our projects as a researcher, consultant, project partner, associate,
You can take part in the IEU+KREA Creative Economy Journal with your scientific, current and academic works,
You can get support from our Center in field research, development and application processes in creative industries and sectors at their intersection.

  • Independent Artists and Designers
Your artworks and artist profile can be included in our IEU+KREA Creative Entrepreneurship almanac,
You can participate in B2B business meetings where you will be invited for investors and other cooperation opportunities,
You can strengthen the business aspect of your art by participating in the Creative Entrepreneurship Trainings conducted by our center in partnership with the Creative Business Network,
By participating in the Creative Business Cup Turkey, you can represent our country in the World Creative Business Cup in Denmark,
You can cooperate with our University by sending us your creative workshop ideas for interdisciplinary studies.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations
You can develop joint research and project collaborations for your fields of study that intersect with creative industries and cultural economies,
By participating in our Project Development workshops, we can get the opinion of our experts for the incoming calls in the field of creative industries and cultural economies,
By assigning our students to your projects, you can enable them to develop themselves and strengthen your NGO with their competencies.

  • Public Institutions
You can get support from our Center for research, development, application and analysis that your institution envisages to be carried out locally,
You can participate in joint project workshops, information meetings and events in order to increase qualified projects for the project supports provided by your institution,
You can reach our Center for collaborations that will enable the University-Public-Private sector trio for international fund calls.

  • Private Sector
You can send us your Branded Scientific Research Project requests, we can make request R&D and deign-oriented collaborations wtih the research infrastructures of our University,
Become a partner and supporter of our activities; You can contribute as a mentor and speaker.
In order to strengthen the intersection of your sectoral focus with the sectors within the scope of the creative economy, you may request the organization of Branded, creathon, ideathon, hackathon,
You can request training for in-house creative entrepreneurship,
You can support our competitions as an investor, employ students you will choose from the competitions,
You can send us your intern and personnel requests you need in the field of creative industries.

  • Students
You can take part in our projects and events as a volunteer project assistant, thus adding a qualified reference letter to your career,
For your research needs such as your master’s and doctoral researches and your graduation thesis, you can get opinions from our experts on research areas that are expected to increase in importance in the field of creative industries and cultural economies,
You can consult us to choose your article and thesis topics from the field of creative economics, and it can be matched with the research demands of companies and the public in this field,
You can send your articles and research results to us for publication in the IEU+KREA Creative Economics Research Journal.

Based on sound research and analysis IEU+KREA provides strategy advice and strategic planning services.

We have unequalled insights into policy developments and regulatory trends in Europe. This is coupled with a profound understanding of industry evolutions in the sectors we specialise in, the emergence of new (often digital) business models, and knowledge of international best practices.

– Policy Strategy:  support agencies, creative clusters and public institutions to develop strategies to unlock the potential of culture and creative industries.

– Corporate Strategy: developing business plans and feasibility studies for specific projects. This includes assessing and establishing partnerships and alliances as well as the design of new services. It also includes advising on financing opportunities.

– Operational and organisational improvement: analysing operational challenges and evaluating management structures, organisational objectives and change processes.

– International comparative analysis: comparative analysis of trends in various countries, coupled with assessing and evaluating benchmarking results.

  • Feasibility
  • Foresight Studies
  • Communication & Collaboration Strategies
  • Project Development Strategies

We connect public affairs and creativity to help you set up memorable experiences and events

IEU+KREA specialises in the organization of events and conferences, with a particular emphasis on the entertainment,  cultural sectors, but not exclusively so.

Events – in our perspective – should stand out in order to have a long-lasting impact. It is about sharing views and being surprised, entertained, stimulated intellectually and emotionally with a view to engage your audience and to create trusting relationships. We propose to help you connect with your audience in a more significant way.

With 17 years experience of academic research of Izmir University of Economics, we combine a deep strategic understanding of public affairs, a large network of contacts, and a wealth of creative ideas to deliver memorable social events, including classic workshops, seminars, cocktails and conferences.

IEU+KREA’s role in assisting in event building and management including followup action to add value of event outcomes can be broken down into:

Consultancy and planning Conception of the event, strategy, programme building, corporation, communication and coordination.

Event management Practical, logistical, administrative aspects and onsite management and coordination.

Our team will accompany you from the development stage throughout the event preparation and implementation. Each event is tailor-made to client requirements.

We annually an/or private sectoral  monitoring reports designed to keep subscribers up-to-date with the latest political and regulatory developments at national, European, and international level on the following fields:

  • Cultural policy
  • Copyright and collective rights management
  • Digitalization
  • Media and audiovisual
  • International Trade
  • World CCIs Policies
  • Events

IEU+KREA offers its clients a wide range of research services and the benefit of its experience in its different areas of specialization. We have produced landmark studies in the field of Culture, Creative industries, Experience Economy, Innovation, Regional Development, Digital Media, Copyright, Digitalization, that have highly contributed to advance research and influence policies for CCIs.

  • Interdisciplinary research combining economic, legal and public policies expertise
  • Reports, feasibility and benchmarking studies
  • Social and economic impact evaluations of public policies and policy recommendations
  • Corporate and market analysis
  • Comparative analysis of public policies
  • Mappings, case studies, best practices, toolkits.
  • Certification Programmes.

IEU+KREA engineers projects at artistic as well as at policy levels which connect across disciplines such as art, science, technology, business or law and connect different actors (policy makers, international organisations, businesses, academics and researchers, NGOs and civil society).

IEU+KREA supports the conception and development of valuable projects, enabling networking, collaboration and sharing of experience at international level. IEU+KREA has considerable experience of successful project design:

  • Writing project bids aimed at EU funding programmes in particular : H2020, Creative Europe,
  • Supporting the inital phases of conception and development
  • Building project consortia (taking into account geographical areas, types of actors, specific expertise and talents required, requirements of different funding programmes)