First Prize: 30,000 TL

Second Prize: 15,000 TL

Third Prize: 7,500 TL

Venue: Izmir University of Economics

Date: 14-15 October 2023

Theme: Regenerative Approach

Organizers: Izmir University of Economics, İzmir Development Agency, Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association


Human actions affect the environment in which he lives and other environmental systems with which he interacts. While energy, product, and water resources are consumed, especially in the production, use, and destruction of artificial environments, the environment is polluted, and this, together with other human-caused negativities, prevents the natural environment and environmental systems from being maintained healthily. Various researchers criticize the concept of eco-efficiency, which aims to “produce more with fewer resources”, and the environmentally friendly artificial environment approach, which is the reflection of this concept on the artificial environment, in the context of environmental sustainability. With efforts to “go beyond green”; It is seen that the concept of regeneration has emerged based on approaches such as ecology, bioregionalism, and permanent culture. This concept redefines the human-nature relationship in a different way from the dominant mechanistic approach; With the fact that humans cannot live without nature and environmental systems, it aims to achieve better than existing by integrating humans and nature within the framework of an equal partnership. Although regenerative design, which aims to bring a new order in the design, production, use, and post-use of the artificial environment, is not yet mature enough, it is a very comprehensive and extremely positive approach in terms of environmental sustainability.



65% of global energy use and 70% of human-caused carbon emissions occur in cities. Cities are the application areas that will have the greatest impact on the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy. (Source: Renewable Energy in Cities, International Renewable Energy Agency – IRENA) Clean energy; building, industry, transportation, public place, etc. It has the potential to provide many improvements in terms of cleaner air, modern services, and improved living through urban applications.
The “BEST For City” Ideathon aims to reveal innovative technology and design ideas that will increase the clean energy use of cities at the local level in a cost-effective manner.


– Participants must be at least 18 years old.

– Those under the age of 18 can participate in the event with the written permission of their school and family and under the supervision of their teachers.

– Applications can be made in interdisciplinary teams of at least 3 and at most 5 people.

– It is mandatory for there to be male and female participants in each team.

– Individual applications will be accepted and will be made into a team by the organizing committee before the event starts.

– Applications will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee and applicants deemed suitable will be informed via e-mail.

– Software has been accepted as a complementary sector. Ideas and teams that focus entirely on software will not be accepted.