IEU-KREA considers “portfolio and program management” approach . The programs are spatial, regional or sectoral. It works as multidiciplinary accelerator and collaborator. Searching for economic impact of CCIs sector in region is a must for IEU+KREA’s working schedule for strategic needs.

IEU-KREA operates as a multidisciplinary research and application center on the axis of creative economy. It includes an inclusive approach where art and craft are intertwined.

Since April 2019 IEU+KREA Creative Economy Research and Application Center has been analyzing and advising territories, organizations and people to unlock the economic potential of cultural and creative industries

IEU+KREA is an international economic research and application center of Izmir University of Economics specialized in culture and creative industry. Based in Izmir, IEU+KREA’s mission is to make research and provide policy advice to make territories, organizations and people more aware of their cultural and creative resources, to unlock the potential of culture including heritage for economic and social development.

IEU+KREA focuses on the sectors that accelerate economic and social transformation with the driving force of cultural economies and creative industries and the social transformation targeted by these sectors; service strategies, projects and pilot applications. In this context, the Center will contribute to the development of cooperation and inter-stakeholder networks in the works to be carried out on the axis of cultural economies and creative industries.Another aim of the center is to provide interdisciplinary research, application and education to students and researchers in different departments and programs within the scope of interdisciplinary research based on sectoral needs of business.


Our Team

Dr. Sevay Ipek Aydın / Director, Editor in Chief

Simay Sarı / Project Specialist

Milhan Gönen / Secretary

Emir Artkıy / Project Asistant, Creative Business Cup Turkey

Derya Barış Şen / Project Asistant, YEK Sohbetler

Arın Gürsel / Stajyer (Sosyoloji)

Ezgi Yeşilbaş / Stajyer (Yeni Medya ve İletişim)


Executive Board: 

YK Bşk / Prof.Dr. Murat ASKAR (Rector) 

Prof.Dr. Ayla Oğuş Binatlı

Doç.Dr. Derya Irkdaş Doğu

Dr. Sevay İpek Aydın


Research  & Analysis Board: 

Prof.Dr. Ayla Oğuş (Economist) 

Yrd.Doç.Dr. Hamdi Giray Reşat  (Industial Engineer) 

Doç.Dr. Sıtkı Değer Eryar (Economist) 

Doç.Dr. Derya Nizam Bilgiç (Sociolog) 


Academic Advisory Board: 

1. Prof. Dr. Murat Aşkar Rector

2. Prof. Dr. Elvan Özkavruk Adanır Faculty of GSTF Fashion and Textile Design Department Head

3. Assoc. Dr. Güzden Varinlioğlu Faculty Member, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture

4. Dr. Lecturer Nilgün Gürkaynak Faculty of Business Administration Faculty Member

5. Dr. Lecturer İdil Göksel Faculty of Business Economics Department Lecturer

6. Dr. Lecturer Burak Erdeniz Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

7. Dr. Lecturer Betül Öztürk Director of Applied Management Sciences School

8. Asist. Prof. Dr. Lecturer Derya Irkdaş Doğu GSTF Faculty Industrial Design Department Lecturer

9. Instructor, PhDc. Ali Matay Faculty of Communication, Department of Cinema and Digital Media, Lecturer

10. Instructer, Hakan Tuncel Faculty of Communication, Department of New Media and Communication, Faculty Member

11. Dr. Sevay İpek Aydın Director of IEU + KREA Research Centre

Representations and Partnerships